Krypto-Night Bulbs Headlight Replacement

$ 130.00

Product Description

Are you looking to transform your headlights with full color functionality but not experienced enough to go through the process of installing halos? Look no further! Our new Krypto-Night Bulbs offer full color functionality, compatible with a Standard RF Remote or a Bluetooth Remote.

Order Includes:

  • (2) Krypto-Night Bulbs

Add Your Remote:

*These headlight bulbs do require a remote to function, please select either our M7 Remote or Bluetooth Remote prior to checkout. (If you want to purchase our M7 + Bluetooth Combination Remote, please select "Bluetooth Remote" and specify in the "Notes" section that you want the M7 + Bluetooth Combination Remote).

Pre-Wired Remote:

  • *With our Pre-Wired Remote option, your Krypto-Night Bulbs will come ready to plug and play!

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